Terms & Conditions

Participants must be at least 18 years of age and agree to adhere to the health and wellness guidance provided by Aurah Health's coaches.

Participants are expected to be receptive to coaching, engage with new health practices, and honor their personal commitments throughout the program.

Punctuality for scheduled sessions is mandatory, with the expectation that participants will begin and end each session on time.


The duration of the Healthy Habit Challenge is fixed at two months, either party may terminate this agreement with five days' prior written notice.


Non-solicitation & Privacy

The Health Coach is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, nurse, registered dietician, psychologist, therapist or other healthcare professional. The Client has chosen to work with the Coach and understands that the information received should not be a substitute for medical advice.

All communication between the Coach and the Client, is held in the strictest confidence except for circumstances in which Coach believes the Client is at risk of serious bodily injury to self or another. In such cases, the Coach has a professional obligation to reveal some information (only on a need-to-know basis) about a Client’s case.

Refund Policy

All payments for the Aurah Healthy Habit Challenge are final and non-refundable.The
only exception to this policy is if the Healthy Habit Challenge cohort is cancelled by Aurah. In such a case, participants will receive a full refund.

No refunds will be provided for any other reason, including non-participation, personal circumstances, or dissatisfaction with the program.

Participants are encouraged to carefully consider their commitment to the full 8-week duration of the program before enrolling. The success of the program and the integrity of the community depend on the consistent participation and engagement of all members.

Payment for the program can be made in one or two installments.

For those opting for two installments, the first installment is due at the time of registration.

The second installment will be automatically charged 4 weeks after the initial payment. It is the participant's responsibility to ensure that payment details are current and that the transaction can be successfully completed.

Failure to pay the second installment on time will result in automatic removal from the program.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - Aurah Health

We know that you trust aurahhealth.com. This is the reason we have set high standards for our secured transactions and adherence to the customer information privacy. Please note that our privacy policy will be subject to changes at any point in time without any prior notice.

We request you to refer the below terms of our privacy policy

Personal information that is collected

We usually collect personal information like name, email id, contact number and such other details during the process of setting up an account with aurahhealth.com. When browsing a few sections of site without you being a registered member, you will not be able to place an order. We use your contact details so that we can inform you about the timely offers, which are based on the previous orders and also depends on your interest.

Use of information

We make use of the personal details for providing you with service requests. For various purposes like troubleshooting problems, collection of fees, for surveys and for providing information on various offers, we need your personal information. We also collect and analyse the demographic and profile data about users activity on our website. We make sure to identify and use the IP address for diagnosing problems on our website.

Security precautions

Our site is featured with strict security measures and due to this, we help in protecting the loss, alteration and misuse of information under our control. If you want to change your access to personal account information, we make sure to provide a secure server. Once the information is with us, we make sure to adhere to the stringent security guidelines and protect the same against unauthorised access.


aurahhealth.com provides to all the users with a chance of opting out of promotional and marketing related services from us on behalf of our partners, after you set up an account.